Beam Bolster Uppers


Polylok's beam bolster uppers are used for supporting one layer of steel above another, and spacing them to required distances. May be used on soft material or fill. Our beam bolster uppers are available in 44" lengths and can be easily fastened together for longer spans.

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  • Available in 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3" and now 4" & 5" sizes
  • Available in 44" lengths
  • May be used on soft material or fill
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<ul> <li>3062-1 (1")</li> <li>3062-15 (1 1/2")</li> <li>3062-2 (2")</li> <li>3062-25 (2 1/2")</li> <li>3062-3 (3")</li> <li>3062-4 (4")</li> <li>3062-5 (5")</li> </ul>
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