Locking Wheel Chairs

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Our patented wheel chair design has been copied but never matched! We offer the only wheels chair that locks in place and accommodates multiple sized bar. Be confident knowing that your rebar will stay where you place it. Use our 1'', 1½”, 2'' and 3'' cover chairs for all concrete work including precast, utility vaults, slabs, barriers, foundation work and bridges. Use one of our Polylok ratchet style chairs instead of three of the competitors.

U.S. Patent No# 8,327,599
Canada Patent No# 2,162,849

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  • Polylok’s Wheel Chairs are available in 1'', 1½”, 2'' & 3'' cover and accommodate many different sized bar and wire
  • Patented locking latch
  • Extra heavy duty 1½”, 2'' & 3'' cover. Guaranteed to accept 600 lbs
  • Eliminates at least 33% spacer costs due to superior strength
  • Wide web for additional strength
  • Can be used in either horizontal or vertical applications
  • Meets all requirements and qualifies as a CRSI Class 1 Bar Support
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    <ul> <li>3052-LOK (1" locking)</li> <li>30541 (1 1/2" locking)</li> <li>30551 (2" locking)</li> <li>3056 (3" locking)</li> </ul>
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