Push-On Rebar Wheels Chairs


Our chairs can handle any load! Be confident knowing that your rebar will stay where you place it. Our push-on 7/8", 1'', 1½”, 2'' and 3'' rebar wheels can be used for all concrete work including precast, utility vaults, slabs, barriers, foundation work and bridges.

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  • Polylok’s Wheel Chairs are available in 7/8”, 1'', 1½”, 2'' & 3'' cover and accommodate many different sized bar and wire
  • Easy to install
  • Wide web for additional strength
  • Meets all requirements and qualifies as a CRSI Class 1 Bar Support
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    <ul> <li>3053 (7/8" push on)</li> <li>3052 (1" push on)</li> <li>3052-LC (1" Large Channel push on)</li> <li>30542 (1 1/2" push on)</li> <li>30552 (2" push on)</li> <li>30562 (3" push on)</li> </ul>
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