Zabel A100, A300, A600™-8 Series

A smaller version of the original Zabel® Disc Dam Filter, the A100/ 300/ 600 - 8 Series is becoming a popular choice for applications where increased effluent quality is desired.


  • Available lengths 18", 26" & 32"
  • Available level of Filtration A100 1/16", A300 1/32", & A600 1/64"
  • Flow Rates between 2,500 - 5,100 gpd
  • Optional SmartFilter® switch and alarm
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 46

Part Number

  • A100-8x18-VC (8X18 Cartridge and Versa-Case)
  • A100-8x26-VC (8X26 Cartridge and Versa-Case)
  • A100-8x32-VC (8X32 Cartridge and Versa-Case)
  • A101-8x18-VC (8X18 Replacement Cartridge)
  • A101-8x26-VC (8X26 Replacement Cartridge)
  • A101-8x32-VC (8X32 Replacement Cartridge)
  • A300-8x18-VC (8X18 Cartridge and Versa-Case)
  • A300-8x26-VC (8X26 Cartridge and Versa-Case)
  • A300-8x32-VC (8X32 Cartridge and Versa-Case)
  • A301-8x18-VC (8X18 Replacement Cartridge)
  • A301-8x26-VC (8X26 Replacement Cartridge)
  • A301-8x32-VC (8X32 Replacement Cartridge)
  • A600-8x18-VC (8X18 Cartridge and Versa-Case)
  • A600-8x26-VC (8X26 Cartridge and Versa-Case)
  • A600-8x32-VC (8X32 Cartridge and Versa-Case)
  • A601-8x18-VC (8X18 Replacement Cartridge)
  • A601-8x26-VC (8X26 Replacement Cartridge)
  • A601-8x32-VC (8X32 Replacement Cartridge)

Similar Products

PL-122 Effluent Filter

The PL-122 was the original Polylok filter. It was the first filter on the market with an automatic shut-off ball installed with every filter. When the filter is removed for regular servicing, the ball will float up and prevent any solids from leaving the tank. Our patented design cannot be duplicated. Ideal for residential waste flows up to 3,000 gallons per day (GPD).

PL-525 Effluent Filter

The PL-525 Effluent Filter is rated for 10,000 GPD (gallons per day) making it one of the largest filters in its class. It has 525 linear feet of 1/16” filtration slots. Like the Polylok PL-122, the Polylok PL-525 has an automatic shut-off ball installed with every filter. When the filter is removed for cleaning, the ball will float up and temporarily shut off the system so solids won’t leave the tank.

PL-625 Effluent Filter

The PL-625 filter is ideal for grease trap applications. The 1/32” filtration has been shown to reduce fats, oils, and grease (FOG) by as much as 60% to 98%! The filter may be used in onsite wastewater systems that require a finer level of TSS removal. Whatever the application, Polylok has the filter for you!

Zabel A1800 ™ Series

Like the PL-68, this filter was designed for residential applications. The cartridge design allows for easy installation and maintenance and comes with our standard baffle (tee). All A1800 Series filters feature a locking tab that securely locks the filter into the tee. With 1/16” filtration, this filter is available in 18” and 22” lengths. The 22” A1800 comes with a built in gas deflector.

Zabel A100, A300, A600™-12 Series

The original Zabel® Disc Dam Filter was patented in 1959. The 12” series filters have been filtering wastewater longer than any other filter in the wastewater industry. In 2000 Zabel made the best even better by introducing a complete redesign of the original with more great features and finer levels of filtration. In 2006, Polylok, Inc. purchased the Zabel filter line and with the benefit of our in house engineering department, we are continuing to improve the product line.

Best GF10 Filter

The Best Filter is a great addition to the Polylok PL-525 effluent filter family. The GF10 Filter is 10" x 18" and is available in three filtration designs: 1/8", 1/16" and 1/32". The exterior of the GF10 filter is a single-piece case. It has no joints and no glue holding it together which gives it incredible strength. It is made of impact-resistant PVC so it can withstand harsh treatment and it won't break!

Goes Well With

Indoor - Outdoor Tank Alert, with Control Block

This alarm system monitors liquid levels in lift pump chambers, sump pump basins, holding tanks, sewage, agricultural, and other non-potable water applications. The Tank Alert XT indoor/outdoor alarm can serve as a high or low level alarm depending on the float switch model used. The alarm horn sounds and red beacon illuminates when a potentially threatening liquid level condition occurs. A "power on" light switch indicates power to the alarm panel.

Filter Handle

Fits all Polylok, Zabel & Best filters.

20" x 6" Risers

We have combined all the best features of concrete and plastic risers to create our patented riser system. Our risers hold their shape, are stackable, screw together, and are water and airtight. Structural ribs inside prevent frost from adhering to the riser in frost prone areas.

U.S. Patent No# 6,655,093; 6,688,072; 6,484,451; 6,877,28

Adapter Rings

This is the only Adapter Ring on the market that accepts 20" or 24" risers. Our Adapter Ring is ideal for retrofitting existing septic tanks and can be secured with ease. Our Adapter Ring is made of virgin high density polyethylene.

Prep & Clean™

Prep and Clean TM is a natural bacteria designed to clean a mature effluent filters when a hose is not readily available. This product is recommended for residential and commercial applications.